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Who We Are

Since our inception we have dedicated our every hour to the advancement of our customer’s web designs, print media and web marketing. Our goal is to keep our client’s websites current with the latest code and advancement of features to ensure they have a competitive edge against their competition. This kind of dedication comes at a reasonable cost to meet our clients budget while maximizing the client’s revenue through their website and other services we provide.

We have offices located in Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio with professional programmers, graphic designers and sales team members to meet every possible need from our clients. We are more than just a company, we become an extension of your business, dedicated to your core needs.

Web Development

Web development is the process of designing static and active websites using cutting edge coding technology in an effort to provide the clients customer base with an interactive experience while maintaining the focus on the client’s products or services. We achieve excellence in this arena by staying up-to-date with coding changes that are stable and tested prior to roll-out.

We manage all of our projects utilizing CRM/ERP software as well as Planning and Collabaration software to keep the team in tune with each other.

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Updated Marketing Strategy

Jul 27, 2019 by James Larsen

Updated the MArketing Strategy page to include...

Updated the Marketing Strategy Section

Jun 3, 2019 by James Larsen

Updated the Marketing Strategy page with a...

New WebSite Client Questionaire

May 29, 2019 by James Larsen

Now available online to streamline the process...

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Our Team

We pride ourselves with keeping up-to-date on coding and technologies on the web. We are maintaining our cutting edge through continuing education courses, seminars and webinars available through several different organizations. Our goal is to provide you with cutting edge technology via collabrative learning.

We have partnered with GoDaddy to provide the highest quality of services through the backend of your website, giving us the flexibility to hard code your website with supportive backend technologies.

What Makes us Different

JL2 Designs is a customer centric company, with our focus on you the client and your needs as a business owner. We specialize in coordinating your business image across all mediums to include the web, print and marketing. Our team of professionals know how important your business is to you and consider us not a company separate from yours, but more of an extension of your business.

Here you will find important links to tools to manage your account with us as well as useful insight on marketing your business on the web and managing your business image throughout a multitude of mediums.

Our Services

Our experienced team of web and graphics designers will bring your site to life on the web. Building a state-of-the art site that will impress your customers and have them coming back to see more. Whether it’s a basic services page or a complex ecommerce site we have the tools your company needs to increase sales and traffic to your site.

Hosted on cutting edge technology with a 99.5% uptime guarantee we will ensure your site is up and running 24 hours a day seven days a week. Have questions about our services feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer any of your questions.




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Family of Companies

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Updated Marketing Strategy

Jul 27, 2019

Updated the MArketing Strategy page to include more insight as to how to create a marketing plan not only for online but also direct mail, phone and other methods to promote your website.

Updated the Marketing Strategy Section

Jun 3, 2019

Updated the Marketing Strategy page with a more direct worded approach to the marketing strategy introduction.

New WebSite Client Questionaire

May 29, 2019

Now available online to streamline the process of gathering the needed information to get started on the site design. This form will aid in the planning phase of the design process.

Added Analytics Software for Tracking Website Activity

Dec 6, 2018

We recently added MATOMO Analystics to track our clients website activity, coupled with Google Analytics it gives our marketing and design team a massive amount of information on our clients...

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