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Web development is the process of designing static and active websites using cutting edge coding technology in an effort to provide the clients customer base with an interactive experience while maintaining the focus on the client’s products or services. We achieve excellence in this arena by staying up-to-date with coding changes that are stable and tested prior to roll-out.

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Marketing Strategy

The Beginning

In order to get a clear view of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work check out this LINK to get an inside look at how the process works. This will give you a view from the designer and the clients perspectives to help prime yourself for the marketing strategy.

Following the SEO research, you can get a better understanding of the coding side of the design of your website and the importance it plays in getting your site listed on the major search engines. Be sure to check out this LINK to get the webmasters view of the process.

We have created our very own marketing strategy that has proven to put your website at the top of the list in google and other search engines. We employ a variety of disciplines to advertise your website with all the major search engines. We also integrate social media marketing as a part of the overall strategy.

While adding your website to the millions of sites out there it takes a great deal of research and planning in an effort to deploy this marketing strategy. With that in mind it takes both the client and JL2 Designs to coordinate the marketing strategy with both virtual and print media to get your name out there on the market.

The First Step

The first step in planning your marketing strategy and to determine what it is you want to deliver to your customer base is to research what other similar services/products providers are doing with their sites. This research is imperative to your market, as it displays how your competition is presenting the same or similar products/services to their clients.

Having a fresh set of eyes on your product/service helps weed out the bias from your mind and look at it with a purely marketable input and not a pride input.

The Next Step

Once the research is completed and a clear understanding by both the client and JL2 Designs in how the content will be marketed, we will begin to layout a road map from both social media advertising and search engine integration to deliver the best possible outcome for the client. This trade secret is highly protected by our company and is one of our own designs in internet marketing.

This marketing report will display the common methods of your competition in marketing their product/service and help the JL2 Designs team to deploy our marketing techniques in the same market place as your competition, while setting your company at the head of the table for your market.

The Social Network

Social media deployment is a powerful tool on the internet today, it has changed the face of how your website and product/service is delivered to your customer base. It takes careful planning and coordination by both the Client and the Design team to ensure your posts get noticed and your client sees your product/service first before all the other competition is viewed.


Google and other services offer analytics to track the many facets of your website on the internet. These are very important tools to tracking the marketing strategy and gives both the client and the design team real-time statistics on the performance of your site on the internet. The process of setting up the analytics for your site is one of the first steps the design team will take to start the marketing process and will allow the team to adjust settings for the site to improve your market placement.

To get an understanding of how the Google Analytics works check out this LINK for more information on the Google Platform.

Family of Companies

Here is a list of the family of companies we manage: